Meaning of the name Chanda:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Indian
chanda is my name and i am not ant of those thingsit means over emotional..beautiful..proud..strong and her element is water planet is the moon and just so u jerks know im thirteen and do not like being called a girl and woman because of my name
It's a totally FEMALE name.
hey that my name to and people who have are awesome it means loving,kind,caring,beautiful,amazing and SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!! people who don't don't hate us and if u call us a bad word your a little insecure weasel and SHUT UP if u have nothing nice 2 say don't say it
I am a very, very old Chanda. My name was created by my mother who did not know anything about the Indian meaning at the time. What I read here disappoints me, as if her creation has been tarnished and dirtied. She was a remarkable person with a gentle and loving nature.
Its' origin is Sanskrit.(Biblical)It's pronounced:CHAAN-DAH.
moon goddes
The name also comes from a warrior godess of the moon. She is known as its protector and is often more energetic in the night.
A person (ME) who BOSS theses hoe around make MONEY stunt these NIGGAS and speaks her mind and dont give a gently caress what people say bout her and some one who can beat a trick rear end!
!hates hoes girls messy famales beat a hoe rear end any day
It means that you are a neat freak and love everything that's lovey and is a lovey girl, loves anybody who is named Cole
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