Meaning of the name Charon:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Greek Mythology
ITS NOT HALF MAN HALF HORSE, that's Chiron the centaur. Charon is the soul in the Underworld who leads souls across the River Styx to go to the Underworld!! Am I the only one who reads real mythology???
The ferry man
A person who takes dead to da underworld
has any one seen me because i just saw myself in the mirror and i look pretty good if i do say so myself
im a centaur
i like horses
franky: go home cheesecheese: hugh yokay
do you know what my name brendan meansbecause i know what it means
hades is the one who leads souls across the river styx which just so happens to be a band name also. and the under taker actually takes out the trash
Dry Bones (Mario Bros) in Japanese :D
plutos moon
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