Meaning of the name Cherokee:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Rare)
I think it is a girls name and i think it means honest, caring, funny and just like me soooo beautiful. This is my name and it is amazing just like me!!:)
I think it means that what ever you do you can always be a cring, honest, funny, and loyal with the exception of soo beautiful just like me!!
i meant caring!!
i think it means that you are so cool, funny, caring, honest, lovey, beautiful, and it maens that if you ever go anywhere you would be able just to walk by someone and they would say "drat CHEROKEE YOU ARE SMOKING HOTT" and that is exactly what happens to me when i walk into a store or a school, or in to my house!!
my names Cherokee lynn Wildman so go sniff a fart
It means you are a beautiful, native american princess
i meant drat cherokee you are smoking hot
It means you are unique, and will always get someones attention just by the mere sound of your name!- Cherokee Dawn
you like to sing kareokee
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