Meaning of the name Chloe:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
the most beautiful, exotic, smart, funny, and nice
great bff you will want her as your sis
Chloe= funny pretty crazy and wierde but i gotta luv her. :)
It means the first flower of Spring
i have got a friend and she is very nice to me and when ever im down she cheers me up
it means loving
My bff name is chloe and she is smart funny pretty and hearts texting. :)
Its Greek, meaning for awesome,funny,silly, and not a stuck up girl.
Im chloe and im proud
pretty, funny, an awesome friend, loving, caring, loves nature, and very very beautiful! Its just the best name a person can have. My best friends name is chloe and I love her. All those ajectives are her.
It means you r a really good friend who likes to giggle and has a brillient love life and carier
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