Meaning of the name Citlali:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Native American
what citlali means is pretty,fresh,smart,and also meansthat you are always falling in love with one hot lovey dudeand that you may never stop being like that until your grown up
Amazing Star, Beautiful.!
It means Iam loveY!!!!!!!
A shy person who never know what shes talking about.silly, shopaholic person, smart person
its a star
citlali means cool,and a good person to hanq out wit or wen u down shez dere 4 u dat wat lolly meanz
it means star and beautilful
It means a Beast,Awesome,Pimp-in,Legit,Cool,Rocking,Astonishing,Striking,Overwhelming,Magnificent,Impressive,Interesting,Superior,Daredevil,Charming,Diva, Amazing, Confident, LegitimatePerson.
It means I lovey
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