Meaning of the name Clara:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, English, Late Roman
clear and bright, illuminated (My name is Clara)
best friend you will ever find who is loving and caring
It means a beautiful clear girl with excellent manners and a stunning knowledge of hje world
Clear,Bright,Happy, And brave
clear and bright
stunning and beautiful and will tell the honest truth, even if it hurts x
i have a friend named clara and she is very loving and caring she is so sweet i tell her can u get me my book plzz and she says of course she is so sweet if u ever fibd someone named clara be her friend i'll bet she'll be very loving and nice choose her to be a friend remamber she is very caring and loving and did i mention HELPFUL
The most beautiful and sweetest girl in the entire world you will ever meet
a beautful singer
My name is Clara and I believe it means you are courageous and clever.
I'm best friends with a clara. She is the cutest, most beautiful girl ever! She can sometimes be a little harsh but that's only because of all the rough times she's been through. Everyone thinks she's really hot mostly the boys.(: I love Clara and even though we sometimes get into fights nothing could ever bring us apart. She is amazing. Everyday she seems to be even more beautiful. I love u Clara!! And I alway will!!
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