Meaning of the name Clarissa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Portuguese
strong hearted, hard working , one who has the will power to do everything they put their mind to,caring, sometimes bullheaded
I think Clarissa is the most beutiful, graceful name in the world!! I will denfinetly name my daughter that name! Just the sound of it is wonderful. It is also a Portuguese name which i am Portuguese! Go Clarissa!
Clarissa is the sweetest person and sometimes mean but with love shes the person you cant live without and will leearn things from everyday clarissa is like a wholee nother world you have to visit!!!
clarissa is the best person i've ever known and idk what the name means but she is smart funny kind mature sweet innocent loving giving helping smiling encouraging friend :) clarissa is a beautiful, original name. nobody can hate a clarissa!
Good personality, nice sense of humor, little perverted, and very lovey(;
My name is Clarissa and it is perfect for me. the meaning on this wedsite is me in a nut shell. :) Everyone says they like my name because it's different and uncommon. It's also .a beautiful name. I love it!
my name is clarissa and i am proud of my name :0
My really good freind that will be in my heart 4 ever. She was an awesome friend until she moved to towson...
my name is clarissa and im smart, gorgeous and very outgoing:) ahahahah and very hard working and when i set my mind to do things i do it:) hUNNiNggt0NN bEAChh CAlif0RNiA:)
a beatiful funny hot beach model that can be a fine person some times
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