Meaning of the name Cláudia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Portuguese
an awesome person. :D
a sensetive person that love being around peple and is very talented. and likes keeping there ideads out there thinnks diffrently then othere
A person who gets stressed easily but loves to have fun. She is smart, funny, and is a beautiful girl/woman.
It is sooo awesome!(:
Nice n ame!
It means lame no offense.There was a girl in my clrear end named Claudia Edgeworth and we searched her name and it means lame.
am usually very stressfull i have mood swings and i love to have fun i just love it i love animals and go on ponys all the time and am rubbish at maths and litracy
It is sooo awesome!(:
It means you will be a pimp when you grow up. My name is Claudia
Claudia is a nice, country, huntin girl who knows how to partayyyy. lol,
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