Meaning of the name Courtney:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Courtney is prolly the most awesumest girl i evers did meet. ^.^ Thoughtful, preeety, and always there when u needs her. :) I dunno where my nerdy ash would be without her as my bestest best friend
It means pretty hot
Um my name is Courtney and I'm very outgoing and I love people
beautiful, wise, and short nose lol
hey courtney your a good friend
my name courtney nee i got a positive atpillowude but if you make me madd or let me have too much funn my black side comes out
courtney means to the courts or beautiful
u just described me im courtney the most awesomest person ever
very outgoing and not afraid of nothin!
All you guys are wrong my name is Courtney and Courtney means strong, intelligent, charismatic, and patient person. A person who can be independent but at time is dependent on others. It also means a loyal person.
The actual meaning with out commenting about stupid things is. Beautiful and short nosed
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