Meaning of the name Dabria:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Latin
I'll collect my bonus point first for the chlrooongical order of events. That helped me identify Gary Cooper squinting behind his rifle in Sgt. York. The companion to the most decorated soldier of WWI is Audie Murphy in WWII To Hell and Back. There's not much of her showing but that's Old Ironsides, with Esther Ralston and Charles Farrell on deck. That's all I can add. What a great list! You've got a mix of foundational stories, explicit connections to the Declaration of Independence, and 4th of July celebrations. I'm going to have to rewatch The Candidate, though, to see what the 4th connection is. Nir, I hope you look it up. It's a very entertaining movie, kind of a modern sensibility Mr. Smith takes to the campaign trail and sees politics as it really is. A couple of the scenes are clrear endics of modern political life and the final scene is perfection.
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