Meaning of the name Dag:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scandinavian
First this entire post made me WISH I was one of the pelope you emailed because I'm DYING to know lol. Second I love the name David too! My Dad's name is David and my brother's name is David and my cousin's name is David! We're a big David family because we're traditional too and name our baby boys after their fathers. Except for me of course but that's a whole different story lol. I LOVED quite a few different names that my family hated so we decided not to tell anyone what the final choice was until I had M. I was so tired of hearing everyone's opinion on the matter. When someone tells me a name I don't like/agree with I find something POLITE to say and I never come out and say "Ew I hate that name" like so many pelope have done. I had someone straight up tell me that they don't like the name Mason when I was still just thinking about names. But now that I've had him and named him (obviously lol) everyone LOVES it. hmm funny huh? People won't say they don't like a name once it's already your childs name. Another idea? Tell them your naming your Baby something absolutely crazy like "Sunshine in the Valley" Why? Because the look on pelopes faces when you say that will be hilarious :) I did it to pelope! sooo funny!
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You are so happy
Sounds a little like happy man.
i never herd of this name so i don't no if this a good for a boy
no it means dog
dag meaning a dag knife
a handsome man thats a leader and is well raised
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