Meaning of the name Dajuan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Modern English
This is a tricky sucejbt. More than anything, I wish I had not changed my name to my ex-husband's when we married when I was 24. When I marry my BF, I don't want to keep my ex's name (in fact, my ex wanted me to change it when we divorced). My son asked me if he would have to change his name too when I remarried, so there was that confusion. But the biggest reasons are 1) professional and 2) legal. How do you reflect it on a resume9 when you've had one last name during half of your career and then another last name now without looking like a flake (especially since my education was under my maiden name)? And then, I was named in a legal dofoament under only my first name and ex-husband's name. Going forward, how many pieces of dofoamentation will I need to prove that that's me? Divorce decree, marriage certificate, driver's license as well as the cost and headache involved in getting a new social security card, new credit cards, new driver's license, new prear endport, new bank checks, etc. I don't think men appreciate what we do in changing our names for them.I don't think it fair to my BF to be walking around with my ex-husband's name as my idenpillowy. He even knew me under my maiden name and initially had trouble using my last name. If I had never changed it in the first place, I would not have these issues now, so it's my own fault. But to me the issues have little or nothing to do with his children so much as how it impacts me. I thought that there were enough unmarried and remarried parents that schools were pretty familiar with dealing with kids whose parents have different last names.
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