Meaning of the name Desdemona:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Literature
the daughter of the Goddess Nyx. Also means powerful shapeshifting witch.
my daughter's name is DesdemonDa. I love Shakespeare. She is six and goes by Desi until she is "a big lady" lol. She said that will be when she's 9 lol
Uranus's moon
My name!!! It means of the devil... it describes my cause some people are seriously scared of me and I can be very evil....
Desi, i mean desdemona, is one of my friends and she likes justin bieber, one direction, twlight, and of course the hunger games! shes into vampire stuff
Desdemona is an evil name, it came from the most ancient enpillowys & demonds.
Of the devil
a black girls nameee
evil/ devil
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