Meaning of the name Ea:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Near Eastern Mythology
This comes from the ancient Norse Mythology. He was actually another one of Oden's long long loooon, lost brothers. He was kidnapped as a child, and publically humiliated in front of a town, while chained to a post that was only inches from a never ending hot bowl of soup. This was the only thing Ea had to remember from his past life. Later he wasd publically raped, and forced to drink the steaming soup, scalding his esophogus, until later dieing of burnt lungs. He was later found arising from the pet cemetary we know today, singing "I don't wanna be burried in a Pet Cemetary"(Zeppelin). Yeah Zeppelin was there at his rebirth, and together they started a new frontier, clearing out and sacrificing canada. Only because they're boring and just play hockey. We all know Lacrosse is better. So there you have it. By the way, I'm EA, watch out....
holly cow
this is a crazy name.
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