Meaning of the name Eadwine:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Anglo-Saxon
I totally woduln't have minded. I would have laughed hysterically because I still do when I think about it. OMG!! Me and my NY mentality. You opened our eyes during that dinner we went to the house and practiced cheese etiquette. We took pictures of every french person carrying baguettes under their armpit LOL!!! As matter of fact, Sherley is throwing a wine and cheese party just so that she can show off.
my name is name is a gem it is a pritty coler it is soposed to be green.i am a girl who never backs down.i love my name. love jade b
Eddy Jr is what it stands for its also a form on speech in Anglo-Saxon And is the gift of love with falls in love with always a chick named Emily no matter how weird they are
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