Meaning of the name Éamonn:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Irish
Kind strong
Looking forward to meniteg you too!@Wes - Hope you and your wife had a happy Thanksgiving too!@Steve Schwartz - You can thank Emily for keeping me smiling. I'm lucky to have you read and comment on the blog and will try to be as informative as possible.@IPBrian - Thanks, and hope you and the family had a happy Thanksgiving too!@Kalboz Thanks for your kind words! I love seeing your Thailand pictures on flickr it helped me select a hotel for our trip!@Jason Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanks for the clip it was shot at the Chicago seminars in October where over 500 miles and point collectors and bloggers met!@worldtraveller2 Thanks, but stop making me blush! You're spot-on that picture was taken on the wall of St. George Castle!@Jeff and Jo Wow that's quick! You guys were already discussing credit cards on the 3rd date?! I agree with you that you should be able to have your good credit and reputation pay off. Thanks for that detailed note and I loved the 2-card-play with the Capital One card for the taxes and the BA card for the flight. You really did get 2 free flights! I also agree that it is better to spend the miles and points than to hoard them. You don't know when the next big devaluation will be.@CanadianMIllionMIler Thanks for your kind words! I'm considering putting credit card links, but want to do it in the best possible manner. There are lots of conflicts of interests with putting credit card referrals and I'm working on a way to help mitigate that. Thanks for your support!@sarvi Thanks for your kind words and looking forward to meniteg you too! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving as well.@Jana I'm very happy to know that you'll be able to spend more time with your son in college. That's what mile and point collecting is all about!@toomanybooks You nailed it too! @Jenny Thanks, Jenny and hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!
my dads name is eamonnn and mines the fact he is diabetic he is one of the strongest, kindest and smartest man i have ever met (ONE)
not kind or strong my eamon is fat
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