Meaning of the name Ebba:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Scandinavian
so totally awesome!!!!!!!
ebba is definately not a female bore dude-ets no.3 and 4! its a totally awesome name!!!!!
soooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! way way way awesome!!!!!!!!!!
my great great grandma and my soon to be baby girl! Jag kan tala svenska.
love it! and whoever's name is Ebba, you go girl. My child is SOOO gonna b ebba
My daughter's name is Ebba! Some websites say the origin is German, others say Scandinavian. I have found 3 meanings: Return of the tide, which is my favorite, strong as a bore(wild hog), and strong as an ox.
Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep burnnig the midnight oil.
a female bore
a female boreand is also the name of a long ago saint
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