Meaning of the name Eben:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
beautiful, the most precious, the one you want to be with
Hey SFASTER I see that UR fanatical Halien maihnce coordinated a 28 thumbs up to trash me for supporting Lauren, on Lauren's own site & for exposing UR Kabal (UR repeatedly posing FALSELY as a rep of the Suddeth family, when UR an addict for Haley). U vowed JLO wud be voted off AI for supporting Lauren, b/ JLO is back with a 20 mill dollar deal for praising Lauren's PHENOMENAL TALENT. How R U dealilng with that? Please seek professional help to address UR issues of lying/colluding/ distorting.
Strong christian man who wont give up !!!:)
The hottest guy ever on American idol
The super-cute guy on American Idol :)
likes bin
complete eben
e- eatb-ende-entirnalyn-never
Rock or stone
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