Meaning of the name Echo:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek Mythology
Echo echo echo...
echo echo ooo i like dat!!!
My name is Echo, and I am stubborn, independent, and beautiful. Also, not a hoe or a girl, but very friendly to cute guys
Soud returned.
my name is Echo thank you very much and all you people who think the name means a crack head hoe or girl then gently caress you im not a girl or a crack head
im not a hoe or girl and mi name is echo im nice pritty and independant
fort casper
A nymph of Greek myths who pined away for Narcissus until only her voice was left.It's true look in the Dictionary. The name doesn't mean evanglistic crackhead ho!!!!!!!!!!!
Echo can be a woman's name that means stubborn, independent and beautiful. I'm quite certain that it DOESN'T mean evanglistic crackhead ho.
It means grapefruit jelly lover
midevil pony :D
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