Meaning of the name Edison:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
hi sarah
Edison I think that means I'd smash him real qick lol.jk. Or am I? Lol.he's a qutie ! Lol.and a great person. Nd a greay cuddler! That has to count for sumething right? Lol.well edison if ur reading this sarah says hi!! Lol.
lovexxy man ily edison...ill do u anyday
None of these are a real answer
a lovey man who can do anybody...cuz hes so gorgeous...ily edison ..
edison meaning
cool person...i guess
ITs means a player
A total loser nerd geek jerk freak and a dork
sarah is lovexxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy rear ends girl im telling u im so horny right now,,,,,srah i hert u
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