Meaning of the name Edvard:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scandinavian, Finnish, Slovene, Czech
Guardian of the wealthThe boy's name Edward \e-dwa-rd,ed-ward\ is pronounced ED-werd. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Edward is "wealthy guard". Used in the royal family by kings of England since before the Norman Conquest. King Edward the Confessor (11th century) was also a saint and came to be venerated in Europe as a model of a Christian king. As a nickname for Edward, Eddie has been replaced by Ted, Teddy, or Ned. Eduard is a French form; Eduardo is Spanish and Portuguese. Photographer Edward Steichen; ballet dancer Edward Villella; American Senator Edward Kennedy; poet Edward Lear; artist Edouard Manet; Edward, Duke of Windsor; actors Edward Norton, Edward Burns. stupid twilight fans
sounds like a german person trying to say 'EDWARD
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