Meaning of the name Enu:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Western African
to fart too much
fun, cool, awesome, athletic, tough
there is a whole story behind this name it goes like this ,there in 19th century there lived a demon princess who's name was enuka she was very fond in killing things in her nature,killing was day she came across a handsome prince devil.they both fell in love but as they were from different world,they were allowed to be together.they kept their relation secret until one day the mother of the demon princess found out about them and she told the princess"if you don't keep away from him, i will make sure he's never around"they didn't meet after that.because the demon princess knew that her mothers word were day there was a letter for the princess...she opened it suprised to see who might have sended it ......"i don't have much time ....i shall wait for you by the darkness of the moon across the river at the tick of 12 tonight my princess.please do not be late,it may be the last time i can see you, so please do me the honour.....your love she was so glad she finally could see her prince but then she was also sad by the world "last time"when she went there she was nothing and when she checked her time it was 12:04....when she went further and futher by the smell of blood ,she saw blood everywhere but the most horrendous part was when she saw the head of her prince by the other side of the river bank...........she looked at the stiff body of the prince she froze there .....after some time of her shock she went to prince only to find that he had died saving her .his body was faced upside down,she turned the body of the prince with no head only to see he had another letter there which said " my princess,i waited for you but ,my time was comming i always knew how my life would end.and from now some part of me will lye within you iloveyou enu "after the word enu there was blood splash .....the princess trying to run to the other side of the river bank to get the head of her splashed with blood of her own to only find out that she had her head chopped this day nobody knows who killed her or who killed her prince.but there is a rumour that the prince had a wife and the wife might have killed them both with a sword because she couldn't bare to stand the fact that she was not loved by her prince ........
It means well i have no idea you tell me
fifth born child
Dhanya means in Hindi:Blessing. Dhanya means in India:Rice
the night demon
it means it likes to have love
kelsie idk
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