Meaning of the name Ese:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Frisian
Ese is a beautiful name. It means wonderful, pretty, sweet, and tough when you need it. I made that up, so I hope I read your personality right!
God Gift in Uroboh
My nick name is Ese people say I'm nice sensitive but I can stand up for my self and just to tell u im a girl
OMG!!!!!!! This is my name, and I'm dying to know what it means. Can somebody just make something up that I can tell my boyfriend? His name means lovey, and he wnats to know mine. Somebody, come up with something nice. Hope you know!
What Mexicans call eachother. I cant believe no ones thought of that before me.
No, Ese doesn't mean crack heads whoever wrote that. Its more beautiful than that.And trust me, crack DOES NOT smell good at ALL.
Ese means God's gift. Ese in Nigeria is short or a nickname for Eseoghene
Crack heads
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