Meaning of the name Esther:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew (Anglicized), Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
Well my name is Esther and telling from my personality is that people who are named Esther are : Random, Funny, Bright, intelligent, stuborn, they have a green thumb, have fine families, many friends, and are very peaceful. That's AWESOMEEE! :D
STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS RIGHT>>>WOW>>>U R SO SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (btw, im not being sarcastic!)literally, u r smart...i didnt know that, and i have a 4.0 grade average!!!
an amazing women of god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Esther means star. My name is Esther, and my parents told me what my name means. Estar, Esther, get it? "hahaha"
It is a biblical name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Awesome Star*
you are cute and very smart
a girl that has this name, means that she is super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the beatiful star
the meaning of this word should be called pantas
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