Meaning of the name Fabian:
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Gender: Male
Usage: German, Dutch, Polish, History
It means NOBEL!!!
i think the name is nice and it means sweet funny shy
lovey and really smart
it means to be awesome and lovey
it means that ur sweet kind nice and is good at riddles this name makes me bluff
he is a dependable and faithful. Fabian is a source of wisdom and respect him he is cherished by his family he believes his actions determine his future he's admired for him enthusiasm and vivacity he likes being where the action is, when he speaks out, it is with wisdom
intuitive and kind
The man whose wire is wrapped around my heart.
Hes supr lovey n amazing n perfect hes evrything u want in a guy hes my world idk wat I wud do without him
it meansz he isz loyle and friendly
he shows inmaturaty from time to time but he's vey mature now once shortest now a man not even the same voice, a man who is funny, joyful, kind, playful, but is also from time t time spitting out words he doesent mean, he always speaks his mind, he gives you mixed signals, and most importantly he never notices what he has and ignors it for example how intelligent he is but never listens i love him even if he didnt accept me
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