Meaning of the name Fabienne:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
She thinks every one should be like her.
Fabienne is an awesome name!!
Here it is, plain and smilpe: THE GENDER BINARY SUCKS rear end. What I mean is, people are forced into all these sorts of categories just because of what’s between their legs, and it really is totally unfair and leaves a lot of great people out in the cold. Who gives a shake about gender? (well, plenty of people do, but that doesn’t mean everyone should) Love for pure reasons, and you’ll find where your heart belongs, gender be drated.
what does fabienne means beans grower why why WHY!
fabienne means to me is that she nice,beautiful,smart,sweet,and sometime shy
Fabienne is one of the loveiest people i know (besides me) who loves people and helped me today when i had a female crisis
fabiene she is a sometimes nice misknown beautiful person that loves to do her own thing and is really smart
it means kind hearted and beautiful a french name beautifl diva and loving xx
stupid and over dramatic people like u.
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