Meaning of the name Fachtna:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Irish, Irish Mythology
i don't know what my name means?
i don't know what my name means?
Mert means manly or brave (Turkish)
Nice review of the resealed episodes. That's my thoughts exactly. Durarara is not a anime where you'll watch for fights and struggling. It's about the nature of humans, and how they relate to each other and the result of their relationships.Episode 2, for me, represents the soul of the anime. After this episode, I noticed that it's wasn't about lifeschool and fights and whatever, but was about the things before-mentioned (created this word now). And started to love the anime since then.For example, some people are mad at Mikado because he didn't move a finger about the whole situation yet. But, it's how his personality is. It would be very awkward if he summoned his fellow dollar members to war now. He is still trying to solve the conflict without resorting to violence. It's how he is. It's not like Ichiban Ushiro, where Say Akuto wanted to become a high priest in the early episodes and now, in one episode, he decided to kill god (KILL GOD!) after some people tryed to kill his friends (btw, I like this anime too, but for other motives).And those chat episodes are so filled with details it seems their 21 min of episode last forever. And you have to rewatch and reflect about them to for not missing many pieces of information. I think if the so expected war doesn't occour, people shouldn't be mad because it doesn't happen, but if it becomes bad explained why it doesn't happen. Personal thought: maybe we won't see any large scale struggle.sry the bad english
Francisco Alexander
Norberto R Saboriendo
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