Meaning of the name Faddey:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Russian
Rusty,I have been keeping up with your stem cell trnetmaets in India. It is truly amazing on what is happening to you and the progress you are making. Were you a complete injury before you went to India? My son, Matt, was also injured on an ATV. He was a complete T8, Asia A injury but after doing activity based therapy he is now an incomplete, Asia C. He is now at Kennedy Krieger Inspillowue in Baltimore doing fulltime therapy as well as going to college up there. He is making gains doing a lot of FES. I will continue to keep up with your story and can't wait to read when you will actually be taking your steps without the braces. It will happen! Thanks for sharing and giving us HOPE.God Bless,Sancy Courson (Arkansas)
It means freckles
It means purity within the soul and that your bellyendon wreaks
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