Meaning of the name Fagan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Irish
hi joe,long time ago since the last comment i left you in this your amizang blog. recently i was a little bit disconnected' from LDME, but i see you keep posting top notch stuff e2 kudos for that. by the way, it is really nice to see the kate happy manan single posted in your blog!as for punk not being considered art, i would like to say i do believe just the opposite. to me, punk is ART in capital letters: only to think of people playing in their garages/bedrooms/basements making noises while not caring about if they are enough experienced to play an instrument, while having fun, singing about anything they really want to, and trying to find a way of expressing themselves through complete freedom, that is, to me, the meaning of art. plus the power this has on people should not be underestimated. but it's just my opinione2a6keep doing so ace blog.all the best,edu
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