Meaning of the name Fairfax:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Old English
, I knew he was going to swtich and that he'd swtich before reapportionment. I just wondered how he was going to maneuver to make it happen. As a Republican, Goode's strange ideological wanderings continued. Traditionally, most of Virginia's Republican Congressmen for the last 40 years (i.e. Caldwell Butler, Stan Parris, Herb Bateman, Tom Bliley, Frank Wolfe) have been quite conservative but within the mainstream of the conservative movement and their fellow House colleagues. Rather than embrace this tradition, Goode affiliated himself with a small faction of House Republicans including such individuals as Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, B-1 Bob Dornan, Roscoe P. Bartlett and Randy Duke Cunningham a group more known for making colorful comments during morning hour speeches or to cable news shows than for legislative afoamen or accomplishment. Apparently, it was during this time that Goode developed his fixation with a close the borders immigration policy, construction of the Great Wall of Mexico, and strong distaste for, and fear of, persons of the Islamic faith legislative priorities that apparently a majority of his economically challenged district did not find especially relevant to their everyday lives in November of 2008. Indeed, when Goode left Congress after serving for 12 years, he did so without a single, notable legislative achievement to his name.And so, Mr. Goode arrives at GMU having traveled a long way from his days as a Henry Howell independent, his heated rhetoric branding one of Virginia's most honorable and honored conservative Governors as a racist and even his first congressional campaign. What a long strange trip it's been.
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