Meaning of the name Falgun:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hindu
I love this post. I am kind of obsessed with the SSA baby name site. And you know I am with you 100% on poluapr names, but for the opposite reason. As a person with an unusual name I never, ever had to put up with sharing my name, and I love that. But, like you, I don't want something so off the wall that everyone is scratching their heads in confusion whenever it needs to be said, spelled etc. Thus Beckett, although I know it's on the rise, and I knew it when I named him that. Our process is similar to yours, as in I'm the one always suggesting names and Nate throws them out. Every once in a while he comes up with a suggestion that I throw out because it's too poluapr. You might have to delve into the world of your favorite female literary characters for a good girl name.
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