Meaning of the name Fane:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Romanian
I want you to be my pornstar. I want you on your knees. and I want you to smile like you mean it. I want to hear you breathing in my ear. I want you to beg but also demand that I do very nasty things to you. I want to record it all so we can watch it together while lying naked in bed.
This name acually means raspberry.
Now I'm like, well duh! Truly tahnfkul for your help.
things I want it to mean. what do you want your name to mean?
my name is fane and I figure my name means whatever I want it to and these are the
I want to kiss you in the rain and snow. I want to kiss you right after you wake up and your hairs all messy and no makeup. I want you kiss you when you are mad at me. I want to kiss you when I'm mad at you. I want to kiss you just cause I can. I always want to kiss you.
I want to take you out with a large group of friends to some deserted place and get totally wasted. I want to sneak off in the woods. :) I want to lie next you by the fire and just stare at it. I want to hold your hand while you sit in my lap and I want to wrap my coat around you when you show the slightest sign of being cold.
I want to yell and scream at you and you do the same. I want to call you bad names and I want you to slap me in the face really hard. I want you to hate me so much that you can't stop thinking about how much you hate me.
I don't want revenge. I want you to not think of me as an enemy. I want you to forget everything that's ever happend and let it go. I want you and me to move on together
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