Meaning of the name Faolán:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Irish
Fao means River and Wolf. Lan means Gift.
Divine wolven name
If you read the WOLVES OF THE BEYOND series (same author of the GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOL[?] series) you learn the name meaning around the 3rd or 4th chapter
the name faolan itself means wolf, fao means both river and wolf while lan means gift so yes in irish this would mean wolf.
anyonewho read the maldach series wuold know what it means
Faolan means "gift from the river".
A wolf from the wolves of the beyond fao means river and wolf lan means gift
It's a wolf name it means river gift
There's a bit about the cover on the author's blog. From what she said it sounedd like it's just going to have some foiling added and the shade of color will be slightly different. But still the same picture.
A loyal, Brave Wolf
hey ppl it does say what kathryn lasky thinks in the books, but in real life in accually means LITTLE WOLF. wow, cause faolan is huge.
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