Meaning of the name Farida:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
Coy, Loving and Thinks of others before herself, something quite Rare
unique, matchless, valuable, precious
one of a kind in arabic trust me i am from egypt and my name is farida
wow the last and the third last r the most accurate in my case
beutiful to
beautiful and thinks of others
ASALAMUALIEKUM BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ISLAM, Am humble and sccerine to write u this letter.hoping that u are in good condition.please brothers and sister i want to express something brief about my life to u.i was a paster at one of the churchs in Ghana.The name of the is christian love took me for about (15)good years at the church. It was one sunday noon when i was from church,i saw acertain islamic bible preacher preaching at a market then i decicded to stand there and listen to what he was preaching.As he was preaching i was very sad with what he was sying,so i decided to challenge him,becuase i thought he knew nothing about bible,that i why he was preaching like that. My brothers and sisters when i faced he mallam i saw that he even knew more about bible then we the christian pastors.we thought no body can show us anything about bible since we are christians.My brothers and sisters ican know state that am save by this mallam.The name of the mallam is(sheik Ahmed Adallah). MY brothers and sisters in islam by the Grace of Almighty (ALLA),am no a member of Ghana muslims bible preachers rear endociation.i was directed on this website becuase i am in need of some islamic translation books for me to educate my self more in islam.please i will be very happy if u will send me some (Quran translation)and other books of ialam.hoping to here from u very soon.WASALAMUALIEKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARKATU.
yeah,it means rare, unique
Friendship unique
thinks about her only
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