Meaning of the name Farrah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
Beatiful, pleasnt to be aroundlovey!!!!! Loving most popularall the boys want to be with her, skinny like a stick! Pretty, people are gelous ofher
the most amazing friend to be with! i love her to death/.. shes super smart, super skinny, super cute, super awesome, and super flyy!!! but dont mess with her. shes rachet!!!
lovey all the boys wanna be with her
nice playful adorable
Beautiful...good peraonality....amazing....good medium size body but all the guys love her
Beatiful, pleasnt to be around
hot beatifull phat bestperson ever tight as hello!!... oh DONT TALK STUFF BOUTS DA NAME FARRAH.. OR ELSE
my aunty's name is farrah and shes not fat she beautiful smart funny and atracks alot of boys. she can also pound the persons face who called her fat!
lovey as rear end
Can be kind of annoying but has the best intentions, she just wants to be ti be noticed
lovey hot awesome beautiful pleasant and the best in the world preety
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