Meaning of the name Farrel:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Modern English
I went to college after high scohol not really knowing what subject to study. I thought, "Hell I'm another Asian guy good at math. I might as well study engineering like my other nerdy friends."After having my degree now, I really believe the whole experience was worth it. Not only because of the education aspect, but the opportunities for learning beyond your major. By going to a university, you are able to learn any topic available at the scohol you go to and the chance to interact with a wide range of different people. That gives you a lot of freedom to explore your range of skills and helps you figure out what you really want to do for a career.With all that good stuff you can get out of college, comes a couple downers: no pay check, no overtime compensation for the extra hours you put in to studying or writing a paper, and less time with the family because of the education. I mean it did suck going in to debt while my other friends were making money for the first time, but now I have a career whereas they are stuck in their job without strong chance to advance since they do not have a degree.Good luck! As many of my friends agree, "Your college experience is as good as what you make it out to be."
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