Meaning of the name Fatima:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
It means that you have courage and you dont give up on what you believe in.You just wont stop fighting for it.It also means that you are different than anyone else because thats just how all Fatimas are including me.
it is a beatiful woman By the way my name is Fatima& i like some of the comments
it is a beautiful precious name that is arabic meaning dawn od flowers :)
my name is fatima people make fun cuz it has fat in it well i ignore them
my name is fatima i love my name
It means the daughter of the prophet (SAW)
It means daughter of the propheat
the doughter of the imam
my name is fatima and people make fun off it because it has FAT in it and i don't care about what people say
fatimais a beautiful name thats what i think so cuz my sisters daughter name is fatima and she is cuttteeeee...
Fatima Mexican
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