Meaning of the name Fawn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
The name Fawn means: caring, sweet, loving and an all around beautiful person whom I can't live without!
It means a two faced girl but yoou cant live without the i love you fawn
It means a sweet baby deer!!!!
A baby deer.
awsome!!!! female beautiful wonderful warm loving
it means my middle name!!!!!
Fawn: Roman originGreek: Satyr Half man half goat, followers of the god Dionysus (wine god) and worshippers of Pan (wild god)
Crazy and wierd with a funny personality and can be carmed easely by boys
it means you smell like half a goat
A deer, stupid.
stupid rear end in a tophat kind of personbuck teeth not hotlooks lik an rear end in a tophatsmells lik an rear end in a tophatwell i think u no the rest
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