Meaning of the name Gabi:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: German, Romanian, Hungarian
The name gabi is short for gabriella, Gabrielle.It means "messenger of God."Also nice, clever, smart, intelligent, and COOL!!!!!
It's funny cause my name is Gabriela and my mom named me after the angel Gabriel. All my family calls me Gabi. I am smart and beautifull!!!!!!!! And all of u who r saying mean things about my name, u better shut up!!!
reminds me of know- the angel who told mary she'd give birth 2 our savior
Gabi means to be smart, social, and stratagized
its traditionally short for gabrielle or gabriella. so it means "God's Messenger". my name is gabriella and all of my friends and family call me gabi. I LUV MY NAME!!!!!!!!!
one of my b.f.fs!!!!!
my name is Gabrielle! but I'm Mexican and my family calls me Gabriella cause that's how you say it in Spanish. Gabrielle is "Gods messenger". for short my name is Gabbi! yeah! all Gabrielle's and Gabriella's are beautiful, smart, intelligent, and AWESOME! i
I named my daughter Gabrielle and I love the name. I love and collect angels and I think to be named after an angel is really special. Not just any angel but the angel in the Bible that told Mary she was with child. If anybody makes fun of your name just remember that your mom looked down at you when you were born and thought you looked like an angel. What could be more special than that.
my bff is gabi! She is so awesome and funny. and she is nice too! :) i luvv ya gabi :) ....... NO i am not lesbian
Everyone calles me Gabi. But my real name is Gabriele. My name means Gods Messenger. Thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ILOVMYNAME
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