Meaning of the name Gabriela:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, German, Czech, Slovak
gabriela is athletic, intelligent, and funny
My name Gabi, actually gabriela means god is my strength and yes we are all awsome cool and hilarious and the best ppl on earth
Gabriela's Are NoT Brats But We Are Fo Sho Daddy's Girl.
My name is gabriela but they call ma gaby and i talk alot and is very annoying lol but gabys r strong funny and agressive
very very awesome
a daddy's girl. she can be fiesty but sweet at the sametime. goody girl but can turn into a bad one. knows what to do. treats her boyfriend well. shes beautiful inside and out. a very friendly person. has a hidden loveuality but can be broken.
talk alot
and AWESOME!!!
it does mean that we tend to talk alot but it is good because i like to be loud and i do have alot of fun also it is true that each name may have diffrent personalllity's
my middle name is gabriela...would of wanted it to be my first...i think dis name mean intelligent, nice. smart, cute, funny, FUN, and a great person n great friend..!PS: dey can b talented too..! =D
Hi my name is gaby i am a caring person and very very awesome in all ways, i tend to talk a lot.I love me so much im sweet kind and a daddys girl :D
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