Meaning of the name Gabriyel:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hebrew
I'm SO glad we're team green! It is hard at times, like when all of my prego friends are fnnidig out, but I'm really excited about not knowing.How many times do you get a chance like that to fully experience the birth and meeting of your baby?Plus with us having a home birth this go round I was really gung ho about going all out with it.SIL did kinds give us grief about it, but otherwise everyone has been really on board.My only concern is accidentally fnnidig out at our u/s.... I REALLY don't want to know. =/I've always picked out names for both lovees anyways because there are those few times that gender prediction is wrong.... my sister was "supposed" to be a boy..... you can only imagine the confusion when my mom WOKE UP from her cesarean to "want to meet your baby girl?...." lol
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