Meaning of the name Gaitlynn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
This article is stpiud. All 5 of the things "men want to hear" are also things women want to hear on a date. As for the 5 things "men hate to hear": 1) Women don't want to hear about your ex-gf either.2) Women get just as annoyed when you take calls during dinner.3) The abortion question (and topic of this whole conversation) is an awful one to bring up for most men AND women, although there are some super-argumentative types that will jump at the chance to debate anything. Those don't worry about offending.4) If you want a "girlie girl" then you have to be prepared to smile, nod, and "that's so interesting" when she goes on about shoes. If you repeatedly ask out women who wear designer clothes, expensive makeup, and obviously put a lot of effort into their appearance, you have no right to whine when they talk about it.5) Maybe this is just because I am younger, but most secular women do NOT want to hear that from a guy either. For religious types (both lovees), this is a usual first date question.
It's hilarious to me that seonome ELSE posted what happened to me before I got a chance to! Anyway, yeah. I have no idea what worked, or why it happened. I got no email saying I was reinstated. The most interaction I ever had with anyone was some heated back-and-forths between me and some ironically anonymous Google person, where I explained to them that Emory LaserWolf is my real name, it is NOT on my ID, and I wouldn't show them my ID anyway. I never got a response to my last email to them, which was like 5 days ago. I was hoping this meant that there had been a widespread reversal of policy, but that is obviously not the case. I am back on Google+, but I am NOT back on team Google.
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