Meaning of the name Galen:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
from greek monos meaning single,one ; read years ago in a book witgh name meanings
Fabian samuels
the dude Katniss should pick instead of Peeta. but in the movie, I'd rather her pick Peeta..
"Calm, Quiet, Serene"
Wow...I'm the one who posted the log one and it bleeped out. R. E. t. A. R. D. ...p. e. n. I. S. ... And p. u. S. s. y
a girls name who is cute and awesome
Tenae francis
my name ,alyssa,means that i am pretty,beautiful,kindhearted,smart,loving,sweet,awesome,cool and also also means that i have alot of stuff to do in my also means that i am prear endinote and crazy. that's it!
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