Meaning of the name Gallchobhar:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Irish
Thankyou Lord for letting me have acescs to the word trough this ministry. These prayer points will help me grately. My mother-inlaw is always sending me all forms of witchcraft. On my bed inside the mattress I always find feathers of different types of birds. I have prayed and asked people to pray for me, but this has not improved anything. I have continued finding feathers. Please commit my family and marriage into God's hands. My husband works very far from home and only comes after three months or so. But when he comes, he is not free in his own house. This last visit that he came he even failed to enter his own bedroom. He was not free at all. He looks worn out and not interested in his family at all. He is always accusing me of not being good to his mother/family. I do not have peace or love in my marriage. Please help me in prayer. I always find all sorts of things planted inside my house and outside the yard. I need a combined effort in prayer. Please, help me. My life and that of my children and husband is in danger, even my marriage is being threatened.
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