Meaning of the name Gambhiri:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Latin
that he is trying to make sure a postviie tone gets set here. Like when a restaurant doesn't allow people who aren't wearing shirts to enter. I was in a restaurant last night.Robert De Niro was at the next table.I was feeling a bit uncomfortable because(1) I had to wear a shirt over my designer dress(2) De Niro was in a tee-shirt and not a collared shirt and I thought that this lowered the tone a bit.However, Robert or rather, Bob he *insisted* that I call him Bob was perfectly charming. I tweeted all my friends about dining with Bob. I didn't mention his down-market attire though.Someone mentioned Sting above. I'm sure that he would be able to sign up with G+ as Sting because he's like really, really famous.I hope he does sign up, because that will train the Google system that Sting' is a normal name. That way, I might be able to sign up as Sting Trebuchet rather than normal-but-probably-nukable Sling Trebuchet.It would be nice to have a plausible name that is close to my real name.I don't know if Randi Zukerberg has even the remotest chance of getting a G+ account. NO WAY is that a real name! Where I come from, people would fall about laughing. It sounds like a guy playing a cheap/free woman avatar in a Second Life brothel.Anyway, good luck with signing up as Skud.I do feel that you will have to to something to raise more widespread recognition of the name like making a lot of movies or blowing up the Golden Gate bridge.Do that and I'm sure you'll be able to get into G+.At this stage however, I have the feeling that a more useful outcome would be that you would be able to get into posh restaurants without having to wear a shirt or indeed, anything at all.
Wow, it is great that you want to do this for your husband!!!I have been liookng everywhere online and can't find it!!! You would think it wouldn't be this hard!! I am sorry, maybe someone else will know where to get it!! Maybe if you re-ask this question and provide a link to a photo it might help. Good luck!!
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