Meaning of the name Goizargi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Basque
If this is your name and you are reading all these mean comments just know that you are a beautiful girl and Jesus always loves you!!!! :)
my name is ching chang chong i got this name because when i was a baby my parents droped a spoon down the stairs and thats what sound it made
my name is dayman my dad buyed a nakles thats made of Damon for my mom so that why my name is daymon
Everyone's name is rare my name is pronounced weird to you guys need to stop teasing I am a rare person my my name is Johanna the h is silent it doesn't come around often so don't tease anyone about they're name it is not nice I know the president wife so do not tease people or else i will report it to Mrs.Obama.-Johanna
i dont know how to say my own name...
It means protector of nature
that's dumb
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