Meaning of the name Hadassa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hebrew
Names these days are indeed weird. About kieepng English names ,my daughter kept both our dog's name , and she seems to keep it right for it just suits them, as if the names are just made for them, our first dog that died had been named Cookie, no thinking on her part she just kept it.The second came and again i asked her only, for I am very undecided when it comes to names, she just came out with the name Toffee, and it really suits our dog, for she sweet as a toffee.We had many dogs and cats in my parents house , with names, like,Ramu, Balu, Cheenu, Namu,Honey,Bobby, and a cat named Rani and so on.But even weird names are okay, for one gets used to the sound soon.
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