Meaning of the name Hadassah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Biblical, Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
mertile like a star. also can mean plain or tree
beautiful defender of the jews mertile a good read in the bible
my name is hadrear endah what peep wich call my name dumd
religous one
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ignores you and arrogant
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a good smell
Hi,We just bought a house in Tsur Hadrear enda.We lived the last 10 years in Mevrear enderet zion,but rlelay looking forward to move.From the moment i saw the jisjoef i was in love with it.Thanks for all the usefull info on your website.I hope we will be able to walk to the aschkanazy sjull and join the people there .We are original from holland and i know that there are more dutch familie there.all teh best judith spetter
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