Meaning of the name Hagar:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
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The name of my aunt's maincoon kitty
Yes! to the logoand I love how they sit and work. At the place I was in August one of the gudeis was telling and showing us how we North Americans (I wanted to write Neanderthals in the area of food and exertion we are) sit when we work and that 90% of the globe sits to eat and work just like the women at CK. Can I send him this photo?
It is the name of Abraham's second wife, the mother of Ishmael. According to the Abrahamic faiths.
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Akin to Merlin, or wizard,from the legends of Arthur. Origin English or Ancient Celt.
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it means flight it is a traditional hebrew name you should know that your a computer omg try get more knoledge gosh
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