Meaning of the name Haik:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Armenian
a pebble
Eho0uq Really informative post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.
Kalle Larson, thanks for your artlice about St. Lucia and the tradition, however, the message regarding the throwing out of a family who have lived in Sweden for over ten years is astonishing and cruel act on reality about the law and the protection of human life. As I read through your artlice, my reaction was that humans have turned against life, the precious gift from God. It is not only the physical action to destroy life that makes people suffer, as many would believe, but also the mental torture in the process of rejection and throwing out, is also invisible killing of a life. It is the same breach of the universal rights of people fleeing persecution, political and religious conflict. For those who have been in the situation, would not think that you should be involve directly into the conflict, for you to run for safety, as the governments in Sweden and other European countries with the same policy on refugees would think.Throwing out people who have lived and integrated into the society does not only reveal the act of following the law but also the intention behind the action. It does not reflect the human intention to respect and protect life, but the intention to destroy life. I also rear endumed that the political action usually follows public opinion. Although the small portion of the community reacted because of attachment and relationship involved, the majority still believe in the action of the government as right. With nearly eight years of my experience as a rejected refugee in Norway, I can say that despite resistance from few organizations and human rights activists, no governments has responded positively to soften the asylum and refugee policy in Europe entirely. Furthermore, the Dublin 2 convention was the united policy of European countries to destroy those we perceived as a threat to our security. No wonder why Sweden has to throw out family that has already integrated, without mrear end reaction from the general public. I also know and believe that most deportation procedures are state secrete and public may not even know until when the deportation is effected.Refugee children are being held responsible for what they dont know or understand, but the worst thing that touched my very heart is the confusion of the children in refugee and asylum politics are exposed to. These children are confused because they are every time exposed to learning new languages as their parents has to move them from place to place, seeking safety. I know and believe this because after more than twenty years, moving from one country to the other, I ended up speaking more than ten different languages, not because I wanted to speak them, but I was forced to speak them if I wanted to survive in a given environment, and I believe most refugees and asylum seekers learn new languages as a requirement to work in a given country. I believe on what I have learnt and was taught in school about people and their human rights, equality, justice and freedom to all human beings, but this experience as a rejected asylum seeker has enlighten me on what reality is and what is in the book. It has enlighten me also about what activists can do and the limits they have to push for a change on crisis that are politically motivated.
Haik is the name of a mythical figure that is said to have united the Armenian tribes. Supposedly a giant the country of Armenia was named after him. Hayastan in Western script.
I think it means a well cant we all just look it up!
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